A site that showcases my working model roller coasters with pictures, videos, tutorials and information.

NEW! The Great American Revolution Model Roller Coaster is done! CLICK  HERE To to to the Revolution Model Page. Announces the Roller Coaster Model Museum!  Watch the video below for the announcement.

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Welcome to my working model roller coasters web page!  I do this as a hobby and uploaded my first YouTube video of the "Flash" model coaster in April of 2008.

Here you will find a gallery containing information, pictures and videos of my models you have seen on YouTube.  Also, I've included some of my older models. Though not as "nice" as my later models, they give you a good idea of how my models have evolved.

The website came about in response for the deluge of inquiries about how I build my models.  In response I started this website to have a location on the internet where folks could learn how to build my style of model coasters, which I named Flat Track.

There is a "Build A Model Coaster" section, so you can build your own with how to video tutorials, PDF downloads and resources to find supplies you'll need. Note: This section is still being implemented as time allows.  As of June, 2013, over half the tutorials are now completed, which I hope to have completed sometime in the future.

Click HERE to Visit the International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites.  It's a great resource!

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